Register as an artist/producer 

If you are an artist or a producer, we invite you to attend the Digital Arts Market free of charge.

  • Once you register, your delegate profile will enable you to include up to three examples of your work, which you can update anytime up to and during the Digital Arts Market for delegates and presenters to view.
  • Using our in-platform communication tool, you can reach out to presenters and other artists/producers to share your work all around NZ and the globe.
  • We also invite you to leave your work live on the digital platform for up to 12 months following the market, to remain connected to presenters and other artists/producers. 

The cost to register as an artist/producer for the In Person Arts Market is $100 + GST

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use this form if you are a pitching/showcasing artist who has already had a profile made for you on the Arts Front platform from the application process. Please email if you would like to confirm your attendance at the In Person Market on 4 and 5 March.



Register as a presenter 

The cost to register as a presenter for the Digital Arts Market is $250 + GST

The cost to register as a presenter for the In Person Arts Market  is $200 + GST

Please note: There is no discount if you can only attend a portion of the Digital or In Person Arts Markets

Registration assistance

If you need help registering for the 2021 PANNZ Arts Market, please watch the video below or click here for written instructions. If you require large print, screen reader-friendly written instructions, please click here.