2022 Performing Arts Markets & Platforms Fund

The objectives of this fund are to develop international markets, audiences, networks and opportunities for Aotearoa/New Zealand artists and companies. Supported by Creative New Zealand’s International Programme and administered by PANNZ.

Closing: 5pm, Wednesday 05 October 2022
Results notified: Friday 14 October

The fund supports the attendance of artists and producers as delegates at strategic international performing arts markets, platforms and professional gatherings. To be eligible to attend a market or platform you must have a clear rationale for attending as a delegate or participant and this must be aligned to your international plan and longer-term international goals.

The international market or platform must:

  • Have a reputation as an established performing arts market or platform that generates international touring/exhibition or collaboration/exchange opportunities
  • Provide peer networking opportunities
  • Provide international exchange opportunities
  • Provide the opportunity to re-establish existing international relationships or develop new relationships that will contribute to your international success
Examples: established performing arts markets, organised gatherings of artists/arts professionals taking part in a structure programmed, or a self-designed programme alongside a key arts festival or event.

Priority will be given:

  • To artists/producers attending established performing arts markets to pitch or promote specific work/s. Applications will also be accepted for programmes of activity at other platforms (e.g. professional delegate programmes or self-designed itineraries of meetings/networking activity at festivals) but priority will be given to applications to attend official performing arts markets.
  • The timing of the opportunity will be taken into account i.e. arts markets/platforms taking place in the next 6 months will be prioritised. A second round of funding is likely to be offered in the first part of 2023.
  • The fund is limited and we are very unlikely to fund two representatives from a company to attend a market, unless those representatives are also able to make a very clear case for attendance to promote their own separate body of work.

What to include in your application:

1. A description of the arts market or platform and in what capacity you will be attending (e.g. registered delegate at a market, participant in a professional programme that sits alongside a festival, attendance at a gathering of arts professionals).

2. An official programme for your participation (e.g. an arts market schedule or programme of events) or for a platform (e.g. a professional gathering or festival) a programme of meeting/networking/professional development activities.

3. An explanation of how this opportunity delivers to your international goals, including:

  • Clear rationale for why it is important for you to attend this market/platform at this particular time, including the specific work/s you will be representing and the fit with this market/platform.
  • How participation in this particular market/platform will develop international markets, audiences and networks for your work more broadly.
  • Any specific international outcomes you anticipate will be achieved by this activity.

4. You must attach your international plan as support material. You may wish to refer to CNZ’s A Guide to Developing Your International Plan to understand what should be included.

5. Confirmation that you understand the risks of traveling internationally and an explanation of the risk mitigation you have in place e.g. financial risks around having to cancel/change flights or quarantine and a contingency to cover these. Please refer to CNZ’s Guide to Developing Your COVID-19 Contingency Plan for more information about contingency planning.

Funding Amounts

Successful applicants will receive a set amount as a contribution toward registration and travel costs of:

  • Australia: $3,000
  • Canada/North America: $5,000
  • Rest of the world: $6,000


Applications will be assessed by an external assessor against the following criteria:

Timely: There is a compelling case for attendance at this event/market.
Impact: The attendance is likely to achieve the desired goal/s.
Alignment: The opportunity aligns with their international goals.
Planning: The planning and timeline is realistic and achievable.
Priority: The opportunity meets the priority for this fund.


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