Performing Arts Markets & Platforms Fund

The 2023 funding round for the Performing Arts Markets & Platforms Fund is now closed.

Currently no other funding rounds are scheduled for later in the year. If you wish to attend other activities taking place, we advise at this time to make an application through the scheduled arts grant funding rounds.

Application Details

EOIs Closed: 5pm Wednesday 12 April 2023
Fund results: Wednesday 19 April 2023


How much can you apply for?

  • Australia
    Up to $3000 to attend in person or the actual cost to attend the digital component (i.e. APAM Digital is AUD$287)
  • Europe
    Up to $6,000 or the actual cost to attend the digital component
  • Canada/USA/Asia/Rest of the World
    Up to $5000 or the actual cost to attend the digital component

Fund Objectives and Eligibility

The objectives of this fund are to develop international markets, audiences, networks and opportunities for Aotearoa/New Zealand artists and companies. Supported by Creative New Zealand’s International Programme and administered by PANNZ.

The fund supports the attendance of artists and producers as delegates at strategic international performing arts markets, platforms and professional gatherings – either in person or digitally.

To be eligible to attend a market or platform you must have a clear rationale for attending as a delegate or participant and this must be aligned to your international plan and longer-term international goals.

The international market or platform must:

  • Have a reputation as an established performing arts market or platform that generates international touring/exhibition or collaboration/exchange opportunities for NZ work and artists
  • Provide peer networking opportunities
  • Provide international exchange opportunities
  • Provide the opportunity to re-establish existing international relationships or develop new relationships that will contribute to your international success

Examples: established and well-resourced performing arts markets, organised gatherings of artists/arts professionals taking part in a structure programmed, or a self-designed programme alongside a key arts festival or event.


Success Factors

As this fund is highly contestable, we wish you to have the best chance of success, so please ensure you meet the criteria outline above.

Priority will be given:

  • To artists/producers attending the APAM gathering at Rising (Melbourne, June 2023)
  • To artists/producers attending established performing arts markets to pitch or promote specific work/s. Applications will also be accepted for programmes of activity at other platforms (e.g. professional delegate programmes or self-designed itineraries of meetings/networking activity at festivals) but priority will be given to applications to attend official performing arts markets.
  • The timing of the opportunity will be taken into account i.e. arts markets/platforms taking place in the next 6 months will be prioritised.

The fund is limited and we are very unlikely to fund two representatives from a company to attend a market, unless those representatives are also able to make a very clear case for attendance to promote their own separate body of work.

Do let us know if there are other factors we should consider, i.e. other opportunities you may be leveraging while at these arts markets/platforms or you are travelling there anyway, so need a lesser travel subsidy.

The more information you can provide which can help us to make the difficult decisions as to who will be successful, will ensure that the best investment is made in this round.

It may be that the opportunities that are coming up in the next 6 months are prioritised over opportunities later in the year.


How will applications be assessed?

 Applications will be assessed by an external assessor against the following criteria:

  • Timely: There is a compelling case for attendance at this event/market.
  • Impact: The attendance is likely to achieve the desired goal/s.
  • Alignment: The opportunity aligns with their international goals.
  • Planning: The planning and timeline is realistic and achievable.
  • Priority: The opportunity meets the priority for this fund.

Each criteria has an equal ranking.

Important dates from Australian partners

APAM – Melbourne. 14-18 June

EOIs currently open (apply to pitch at APAM here)

EOIs for pitching close: 5pm Friday 10 March 2023

EOI outcomes notified: Tuesday 28 March 2023 (this will allow you time to apply to this fund if you are not successful in being selected to pitch at APAM)

PAC Australia – Cairns 28 August-1 September

EOIs for pitching open: Tuesday 14 March 2023 (more info here)

EOIs for pitching close: Wednesday 12 April 2023

EOI outcomes notified: Tuesday 23 May 2023


Any questions, or wish to discuss your application?

Please email

There may be delays in replying the week of the PANNZ Arts Market (13-17 March).

If you are attending international markets, we encourage you to attend the PANNZ Arts Market 2023, as there are a number of international presenters who are attending, as well as a panel breakout discussion on international arts markets.