Festivals Commissioning and Presentation Fund

The Performing Arts Network of New Zealand (PANNZ) has made an agreement with Creative New Zealand to deliver a $2 million Festival Commissioning and Presentation Fund (the Fund).

The Fund will support high-quality, new and/or reimagined work that might not otherwise be funded by Creative New Zealand to be created and presented within Aotearoa New Zealand.

PANNZ will be working towards the commissioning and delivery of selected works by festivals and other collaborative bodies within Aotearoa.

Current Status of Fund (last updated 28 May 2024)

PANNZ is currently working on the scoping of the fund, which has already seen some engagement happen, as well as research and executive consultation begin. Over the next couple of months this work will intensify, as the team meets with presenters and artists. There will be a series of one-on-one meetings, as well as industry hui, before a timeline is presented and an EOI process begins.

This page will be updated regularly and we will publish details on the EoI Applications later in 2024 with full information about the fund and criteria provided then. As is the PANNZ way, we are keen to hear feedback, ideas and encourage you to get in contact with any questions at this stage.

The funding will be committed by December 2025.

Collaboration will be a key component between artists, festivals and audiences, and therefore will be a key consideration in selecting applicants.

Artist and Artwork Eligibility Indication

Full eligibility criteria will be published at the time EoIs go live, however we can confirm that:

  • Applicants must be NZ citizens or permanent residents living in New Zealand.
  • The work can be new or reimagined work, and the work can be digital.
  • The work may otherwise not be possible without the support of this fund.
  • The work will require a level of funding not otherwise possible through existing Creative New Zealand funding schemes.
  • The work will not be eligible for any other funding from Creative New Zealand.
  • The work is of excellence, and has the ability to tour into a range of festivals throughout Aotearoa.


Festival Eligibility Indication

Full eligibility criteria will be published at the time EoIs go live, however we can confirm that eligible festivals must:

  • Curate a programme, be fee paying (fair and reasonable fees to artists), and commit to presenting the work.
  • Be experienced in collaborating with other festivals, and understand or have experience in commissioning work.
  • Present professional, live works of high quality (can be single or multi-artfrom)
  • Have meaningful engagement and strong relationships with local communities and audiences.

PANNZ seeks the opportunity to use a partnership model with festivals. We will look to work with festivals of differing scales from small/medium to large, and where thoughtful and deep engagement occurs between local communities and the festival.

The Team

Jo Bond, Senior Producer will take the lead for producing this initiative, the strategic direction will be led by CEO Louise Gallagher alongside Kaiārahi Māori Dolina Wehipeihana.


Contact details

Jo Bond: jo@pannz.org.nz
Dolina Wehipeihana: dolina@pannz.org.nz

Creative New Zealand established the Fund with some of the previous Government’s one-off Covid-19 support for the sector. The Fund is the final part of a package of special projects collectively known as Support for artists, arts practitioners and arts organisations. If successful, and funding permitting, Creative New Zealand may look at how it might be continued as an ongoing means of supporting the commissioning and presentation of work for festivals.

Read the announcement from Creative 12 April 2024

Performing Arts Markets & Platforms Fund

In 2024 Creative New Zealand will directly facilitate an International Market Development Fund for Performing Arts. As such PANNZ will not be opening any funding rounds for this purpose.

Visit Creative New Zealand to find out more about the fund opportunities in 2024.

Looking for advice and general support in regards to attending International Arts Markets and Development platforms? 

Please email info@pannz.org.nz