31 May 2024 - PANNZ at ISPA 24

12 Apr 2024 -  PANNZ to deliver Festival Commissioning and Presentation Fund

17 Apr 2023 - The FAME Mid-Career 2023 Winners

22 Dec 2022 - The Year in Review

22 Dec 2022 - Reflections from the PANNZ Team

28 Apr 2022 - The FAME Mid-Career Award Winners

28 Feb 2022 - Announcing The FAME Mid-Career Awards

3 June 2020 - Exciting new addition to the PANNZ team announced

30 March - PANNZ launches a new online hui series, a place for the creative sector to be together.

19 March 2020 - New resources and links to information added 

3 Feb 2020 - NZ Arts Market Creating Significant International And Local Touring Opportunities For Aotearoa's Finest Performing Artists (Broadway World)

11 Dec 2019 - PANNZ announces a change in leadership for 2020. Read more

24 July 19 - Three New Zealand theatre shows have been handpicked by the Soho Playhouse in New York for a showcase in January. The season will be produced by PANNZ and will coincide with the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) Market, 10 – 14 January 2020.

2 Apr 19 - Richard Jordan (The Stage UK): Producers shouldn't worry about distances and always look to expand their horizons

Award-winning UK producer Richard Jordan joined us at PANNZ Arts Market 2019 and we were lucky to have him lead a workshop on international touring within the programme. Richard has written this article about his experience, published on The Stage UK. Read More

26 Mar 19 - Kate Powell (The Big Idea) - Never Stronger

Kate Powell from The Big Idea attended her first PANNZ Arts Market and found out a bit about what makes the NZ performing arts landscape so special, and how PANNZ works to support it. Read More  

20 Aug 18 - New Board Members Announced

We have announced the appointment of Bernadette Haldane, Amber Curreen, Charlie Unwin and Frances McElhinney to our board, as well as Megan Peacock Coyle taking on the role of Chair. PANNZ has received multi-year funding towards internationalising the PANNZ Arts Market, including the addition of three full-length showcases to the Market programme, planning for 2020 and continuing on the considerable success of Tour-Makers, in delivering high-quality professional New Zealand theatre, music and dance throughout New Zealand. Read More

23 Nov 17 - Learnings from the National Performing Arts Conference in Canada

Tour-Makers Snior Producer Drew James received an invitation to attend the National Performing Arts Conference in Ottawa from the Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA). He's just returned and has lots of learnings and ideas that might be able to be developed in New Zealand. Read More

28 Sep 17 - The Arts Market: promotion New Zealand's performing arts 

In a recent interview with The Modern Maori Quartet, band member Maaka Pohatu shared that the Arts Market, run by the Performing Arts Network of NZ (PANNZ), was the platform that got them discovered and selected for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Read More (The Big Idea)

28 Mar 17 - Towards Transparency words by James Wilson (PANNZ Chair)

Key themes of Arts Market 2017 were partnerships and working together. In his opening address, our Chair, James Wilson, had some poignant words to share that got a lot of us thinking. We have been encouraged by some of those that were in the room to share these thoughts more widely, and in doing so we hope to generate thought and discussion. Read More

10 Mar 17 - 60 new New Zealand works to be presented at Arts Market 2017 

More than 60 new New Zealand works will be pitched and previewed at New Zealand’s annual Arts Market, from Monday 13 – Wednesday 15 March, at Auckland Live. The 3-day event brings together more than 170 local and international arts professionals, emerging and established artists and producers, and presenters from venues, festivals and touring agencies. Read More (The Big Idea)