6933168_300x300Past Tour: Tour-Makers presented Daffodils in Oamaru, Christchurch, Blenheim, Palmerston North, New Plymouth and Wellington in 2015. If you are interested in this show, please contact Bullet Heart Club.

This is far, far more than boy meets girl.  This is real life romance – Kiwi cabaret style.

Pull the cover off your favourite vinyl and discover a rich sonic world in Daffodils.

Travel through a landscape of live music and heart-aching theatre in this beautiful love story about a teddy boy and a farm girl: their first meeting, their marriage and the New Zealand pop-rock soundtrack that shapes their lives.

Rose was 16. Eric, 18. They met at the lake by the daffodils. The same place that Eric's parents met 20 years earlier. Was it destiny? Perhaps. But what happens after years of misread moments, too many maybes and unspoken thoughts that never go away?

Daffodils is a multi-sensory experience that captures the bittersweet nuances of Rose’s and Eric’s life in a ‘mix tape’ of New Zealand’s greatest hits.

Inspired by private letters, real interviews and family myths heard only at garage piss ups, the production unfolds against a backdrop of 1960s Kodak stills, Super8 home movies and fashion photography created by one of New Zealand's leading image makers, Garth Badger (Lorde, Nike).

"To anyone who ever doubted New Zealand had a culture, a personality: see this show. Astounding. Unmissable." Rosabel Tan, The Pantograph Punch

Live music performed by Lips.

Prepare to have your indie soul rocked.

Daffodils [inspired by true events] from Bullet Heart Club on Vimeo.

COUNTING THE BEAT // Daffodils from Bullet Heart Club on Vimeo.