Little Shop of Horrors

header_logoTour-Makers presented The Little Shop of Horrors in Tauranga, Blenheim, Auckland, Christchurch and New Plymouth in 2015. If you are interested in this show please contact Jumpboard Productions.

The Little Shop of Horrors  opened in May 2015 to excellent critical acclaim. The production significantly ups the danger and excitement of Live Live Cinema by merging the band, Foley and actors into one small ensemble that work together at breakneck pace to create the live soundtrack. Our Audrey is also our pianist, Seymour is on guitar and all other characters are played by our drummer and our bass player. The Foley booth explodes out across the stage with sound effects now being generated by each and every performer. Opening season stars Byron Coll, Barnie Duncan, Laughton Kora and Hayley Sproull.

“The acting is tremendous, the musicality virtuous, the foley production ridiculous.” – Greg Bruce Metro Magazine

LSOH PROMO Herald Theatre from Phil Evans on Vimeo.